A clean and healthy home for a happy family every day

A hygienic and healthy home is one protected with DAC range of home care products.

DAC helps your kitchen stay clean and hygienic.

All images, names, signatures of doctors used are for representation/creative purpose only and are not real. Any similarity to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Bacteria can be here

"DAC drain openers help to declog and disinfect."

Disinfect your work surface

"Use a DAC Wipe to ensure there are no germs."

Even clean tiles can be dirty

"Always disinfect the area with DAC trigger sprays."

Use DAC Triggers

"Hidden bacterias needs to be killed."

Wipe off the germs

"Use a DAC Wipe to ensure there are no germs."

Glass and Disinfectant combo

"Use both products for a clean and disinfected oven."