Hold Your Breath


Proper disinfection and cleaning is important for housewives, in order to provide a safe and healthy home for their families.

Infants and toddlers are particularly susceptible to germs as they sneeze, cough, drool, use diapers and are just learning to use the toilet. They also hug, kiss, touch everything, put things in their mouths, and readily spread germs.

In addition, children tend to have immature immune systems and experience more illnesses than older children or adults.

Therefore, use DAC Disinfectant in all the living areas of the house as this reduces the risk of illness by decreas­ing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold.

Chlorine-based products are common cleaning and disinfecting agents used in many households; however, using chlorine can be harmful not only to the person using it, but can make the process of disinfection, an uncomfortable task.

What are the problems with using Chlorine as a disinfectant?


  • Chlorine based products have a strong unpleasant odor.
  • Killing of germs using Chlorine barely lasts one hour
  • Majority of the times, housewives tend to cocktail their products for best cleaning and disinfection. At times, the addition of chlorine into this cocktail can lead to adverse health issues.
  • It can irritate the lungs and respiratory tract. For people who mix bleach solutions in its concentrated form, Chlorine can damage skin, eyes and clothing.
  • Inhaling large amounts of fumes may cause asthma.
Why use DAC Disinfectant?


  • DAC Disinfectant comes in a range of fragrances, thus making cleaning a pleasant experience.
  • DAC Disinfectant offers 24-hour germ protection for the entire family.
  • DAC disinfectant has a special formula that contains QUAT biocide.
  • QUAT biocide does not lead to adverse health issues.
  • QUAT biocide is more effective than Chlorine in eliminating bacteria like Salmonella and E-coli, along with the H1N1 strain.
  • DAC Disinfectant is a one-step cleaning-disinfectant product.