Our Responsibility

Empowering the Youth of the Kingdom: DAC has launched the Children's Eco-Initiative.

The Earth is at its most vulnerable position in history. With the effects of global warming spreading at such an alarming rate.

DAC has launched an environmental initiative to bring awareness to our ecological crises.

The children are the future

Turning to the youth of our nation to become ambassadors for the environment, DAC has recruited children from Al Faris International School in Riyadh, Dar Jana in Jeddah and New World in Khobar to educate shoppers about the detrimental effects of their actions and inform them of the many ways in which they can help to create a better future for the coming generations.


Enlisting children to speak up and demand change is the most commendable aspect of DAC's initiative. Channelling such an important message, through the generation who will experience the effects of our actions today is the most hard-hitting method to bring attention to a cause that does not have enough. The children have been trained to discuss a wide range of topics.


What these eco-savy kids are teaching us, is that change does not have to be drastic, but can prompt drastic consequences.

Raise awareness on…

The harmful outcomes of plastic use and water consumption.

Energy care

Energy wastage and the irreversible effects of phosphates.

Changing our habits

Hints on how we can adapt our habits to counter these negative effects.


Encourage shoppers to urn off their taps when they brush their teeth or switch off lights as they exit a room.

Our commitment

In a country where we are so dependent on oil and its noxious derivatives, DAC shows the importance of focusing on where our future is taking us, and ensuring that it is a cleaner, greener and brighter tomorrow.