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DAC Antiseptic

Affordable hygiene

Our antiseptic is the affordable solution that keeps your family safe and protected from germs. Use DAC Antiseptic to kill germs on the skin, or around the home for disinfecting floors, work tops and other surfaces. Add it to your laundry for a germ-free wash, or even in the toilet bowl for a disinfected flush.

The affordable all-around family and home solution for germ protection.

Did you know...

Learning is an essential part of growing up and kids do this through playing outdoors and exploring the world around them. However, sometimes they get scrapes and cuts, but don't let that stop them from experiencing something new. Protect them by using DAC Antiseptic that kills bacteria on skin and helps to heal scrapes and cuts faster.

Did you know...

Even though your clothes may look clean after washing, but to ensure germ free protection, use DAC Antiseptic in your laundry to disinfect your clothes and ensure germ free protection for your family.

Did you know...

that floors in your kitchen contain more germs than a toilet seat. Germs can stay on these surfaces for a day or more and still infect other people. Use DAC antiseptic to clean your floors and other surfaces like the refrigerator door handle, light switches, cutting slabs and microwave buttons to ensure long lasting germ protection for your family.