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DAC Dishwash Liquid

Cleaning and Disinfection

Degreasing your dishes, pans and other cutlery with ordinary dishwashing liquids does not give you the pure shine you need because they don’t disinfect, hence bacteria stays. DAC Dishwash Liquid gives you pure shine, which comes from degreasing and disinfection due to a reduction in bacteria.

Hygiene and cleaning in every drop used.

Did you know...

Degreasing your dishes, pans and other kitchen items does not give you the shine you might be looking for as they do not disinfect the appliances and thus bacteria are still present. DAC Dishwashing Liquid gives you shine as it has a special formula that kills germs and disinfects your dishes and pans.

Did you know...

that the kitchen actually contains more bacteria than any other room in your house? Your sink, sponge and cutting boards are all filled with germs & bacteria that might cause illness to you and your family. Use DAC Dishwashing Liquid to have long lasting germ protection for your family.

Did you know...

There are approximately 76 million cases of people suffering from food poisoning, and many of these cases may be caused by the spread of bacteria via kitchen sponges. Use DAC Dishwashing Liquid to ensure your family is protected from germs and bacteria.