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DAC Disinfectant Total

Total cleaning, disinfection & freshness

All new DAC Disinfectant Total has been specially engineered by German technology to offer you and your family Total Protection and peace of mind. Its innovative formula offers superior cleaning, 24hr germ protection and comes in a range of fragrances. From floors to table tops, this innovative product can be used for protection around the home.

Disinfectant Total Floral

Bring a garden into your home

Disinfectant Total Jasmine

A fresh fragrance from jasmine gardens

Disinfectant Total Pine

A full-bodied rich pine fragrance

Disinfectant Total Rose

With the scent of rose extract

Disinfectant Total Bakhour

A pleasant scent of Arabia in your home

Disinfectant Total Classic

The protective scent of cleanliness

All new DAC Disinfectant Total offers superior cleaning, 24hr germ protection and fragrance.

Did you know...

that various handles around the house spread germs easily since most of your family touches it? Think of doorknobs, refrigerator handles, drawers and cabinet handles. There are thousands of germs located per square inch on these handles. Use DAC disinfectant to clean & disinfect all handles around the house and feel protected from germs.

Did you know...

that floors in your kitchen & bathroom can have more germs than your toilet bowls! On such floors, there are approximately 3.2 million germs per square inch. Pay more attention when cleaning the floors using DAC disinfectant to disinfect it more frequently for your family's sanitation and keeping you protect for 24 hours.

Did you know...

that garbage bins have about a million germs per square inch, however people usually don’t clean it properly, and that makes it the ideal place for germs to breed and multiply. Use DAC disinfectant to disinfect garbage bins every time you change the garbage bag.