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DAC Drain Opener

Drain openers in liquid and crystal form

DAC Drain Openers come in liquid and crystal form and are the best type of protection from clogged drains. The formula is made to help fight against hair clogs and also works to break down the residue from conditioners. It works by cutting through standing water and is safe to use in all types of pipes and plumbing. You can also safely use this product in septic systems.

DAC Drain Opener comes in liquid and crystal formats for all types of clogging.

Did you know...

that the sink is the dirtiest place where germs and bacteria multiply!. From the drain, germs crawl up to inhabit the faucet handles and the basin. Use DAC Drain Opener to disinfect your drain and keep it germ free to protect your family.

Did you know...

that a clogged drain can cause a sewage back-flow. Even if the clogging is minor and no sewage is present, other problems such as drain insects breeding  and unpleasent drain odors threatening the well-being of your family. Protect your family and keep your drain hygiencially clean by using DAC Drain Opener.

Did you know...

Keeping your drain clean not only saves you from having a clogged drain, however it also protects you and your family from harmful bacteria, infestations of drain insects, and odors in your home. Use DAC Drain Opener for long lasting germ protection for your household and family.