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DAC Duo Active

Hygiene and freshness that lasts

These innovative rim blocks offer a combination of hygiene and freshness in two distinct fragrances (Pine and Lemon) and can last for as long as 300 flushes. The unique gel formula perfected through German technology provides continuous hygiene support within the toilet, giving you a freshness like never before.

Duo Active with long-lasting freshness and hygienic cleaning that goes a long way.

Did you know...

that your toilet is host to large numbers of bacteria that can lead to diseases and bad smell. Use DAC Duo Active for hygienic cleanliness and long lasting fragrance with every flush.

Did you know...

that the underside of the toilet seat has a higher average microbial population than the toilet seat itself. Use DAC Duo Active to ensure hygienic cleanliness for your family.

Did you know...

that cleaning the toilet is not enough to avoid having a bad smell as some bad odours stem from germs & bacteria that normal cleaning does not kill. Keep DAC Duo Active in your toilet bowl to enjoy a hygienically clean and fresh smell in your toilet.