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DAC Economy 101

Durable cleaning

DAC Economy 101 is a powerful cleaning product that cuts through the toughest of limescale and offers affordable and long-lasting cleaning for your toilet bowl. Its intense HCL-based formula eliminates hard-to-remove stains and mess with ease, leaving your bowl looking brand new.

DAC Economy 101 with a powerful HCL formula that deep cleans.

Did you know...

that is it possible to save your money as well as have a safe, germ free toilet! Use DAC Economy 101 to kill germs in your toilet and provide you and your family with a clean toilet at an affordable price.

Did you know...

that certain types of water result in accumulating minerals that leaves your commode with a reddish-brown stain that normal cleaning does not remove. Clean your toilet seat with Economy 101 to avoid having any stains or limescale in your toilet.

Did you know...

that dirt, stains and germs can all accumulate at the bottom of your toilet seat, leaving it with a bad smell. Use DAC Economy 101 for cleanliness and fragrance.