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DAC Glass Cleaner

Sparkling clean

DAC Glass Cleaners offer streak-free cleaning for your glass and can also be used on other surfaces, such as - marble, sealed granite, UV-protected windows, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, tiles, plastic, vinyl and more.

DAC Glass Cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces around the home.

Did you know...

that cleaning windows with vinegar or ammonia and newspaper can damage your skin. Use DAC glass cleaner that removes the toughest household dirt and leaves your window clean and shiny, while be safe for your hands.

Did you know...

Windows should be cleaned on a regular basis. Any dirt left behind will give new dirt something to attach to and in no time you will realize that your window are very dirty. Use DAC glass cleaner to ensure a clean and sparkling window.

Did you know...

that your body needs natural sunlight to synthesize adequate amounts of Vitamin D to keep your bones healthy and strong. However having an unclean window will prevent sunlight to pass through. Use DAC glass cleaner and allow the sunlight to enter your house by keeping your windows clean and shiny .