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DAC Power Active

NEW Rim Blocks with the Power of 4

Most rim blocks either clean or simply offer freshness. The current best may even offer both. However, DAC Power Active Rim Blocks give 4 benefits in an innovative design - (i) Cleaning (ii) Anti limescale (iii) Hygiene and (iv) Freshness. Using DAC Power Active and DAC Toilet Cleaner Total together, you can have a hygienic, clean, fresh-smelling toilet for a long, long time.

The innovative first in the world of Rim Block technology, with the Power of 4.

Did you know...

that dentists recommend that your toothbrush should be placed at least six feet away from your toilet seat to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush. Have a total germ protection for your family and use DAC Power Active Rim Block to reduce the ariborne particles everytime you flush.

Did you know...

that on average, a toilet seat has 50 bacteria per square inch. Normal cleaning is not enough, use DAC Power Active rim block with the power of 4 that contains cleaning foam, anti-limescale formula, hygiene and extra freshness that enhances the cleaning process in your toilet bowl as well as provides you with 4 benefits.

Did you know...

We know that many viruses, germs and bacteria are passed by touch, but did you know that these same germs and bacteria cause the odors associated with washrooms. Enjoy the fresh smell along with the other 3 benefits everytime you flush your toilet by placing Power Active Rim block in your toilet bowl.