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DAC Toilet Cleaner (Flash)

Powerful unclogging and disinfection

The reliable cleaner with a strong formula to remove the most difficult of clogged bowls. This toilet cleaner does what others only claim to do - it removes the blockage with a simple yet effective formula perfected under German technology.

DAC Toilet Cleaner (Flash) offering easy unclogging and disinfection for your toilet.

Did you know...

that toilet stains are formed due to certain types of water, normal use, mildew and pipe rust. They also leave bacteria and germs that cannot be seen by the human eye. Protect your family and kill germs using DAC Toilet Cleaners (920ml) for immediate and effective results.

Did you know...

that even if you clean your toilet, certain type of water can cause brown mineral deposit buildup inside the toilet seat, resulting in stains. Keep your toilet clean and germ free by using DAC Toilet Cleaner (920ml).

Did you know...

that hard stains are frequently found in the toilet, leaving toilet seat rings and hard water residue. Enusre to keep your toilet clean by using DAC Toilet Cleaner (920ml) for a strong lime-scale removal.