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DAC Toilet Cleaner

24hr Germ Protection

All new DAC Toilet Cleaner Total gives 24hr Germ Protection, freshness and hygiene. This innovative new formula offers all-day protection for your toilet. And it can be used for cleaning around the home as well. Try it in a bucket of water to clean and disinfect your floors.

The only assurance you need for TOTAL protection from germs in your toilet.

Did you know...

that Streptococcus is one type of bacteria that is in toilet seats. Streptococcus-A strains are found in the throat and skin that can lead to strep throat and impetigo, a common skin infection that can affect your children. Protect your family by cleaning your toilet using DAC Toilet Cleaners to ensure 24 hour germ protection.

Did you know...

To create a healthier and safer home environment, the first step is to clean your toilet!  Clean toilets help prevent health problems, so protect your family by using DAC toilet cleaners for 24 hour germ protection.

Did you know...

Even though your toilet seat may look clean after normal cleaning, but did you know it still has millions of microscopic germs on the outside as well as the inside. Normal cleaning is not enough, use DAC Toilet Cleaner to guarantee 24 hour germ protection for your beloved ones.