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DAC Wipes

For Skin and Surface Disinfection

Keeping health in mind, DAC Wipes offer a quick and easy solution to disinfection on the go and at home. Produced in a hygienically controlled environment, DAC Wipes can be used for protection both and in and out of the home. They clean, moisturize, soften and refresh the skin while also eliminating germs through disinfection.

Use DAC Wipes for your skin or for surfaces around the home.

Did you know...

that you always pick up germs from surfaces that you touch in your house. Germ contaminants can stay on these surfaces for a day or more and still infect other people. Disinfect home appliances and surfaces around your house and get long lasting germ protection using DAC Wipes.

Did you know...

that your cutting board is harboring millions of germs & bacteria that cause diseases and food poisoning.  The fact is, there are 200 times more bacteria on cutting boards than on toilet seat. Use DAC wipes to keep your cutting board disinfected and clean.

Did you know...

that germs surprisingly can live for a long time on hard surfaces that we touch daily like desks, countertops, computers and tables. Most people get sick when they touch contaminated surfaces. DAC wipes are a great way of staying on the move and having the assurance of a product that can keep your hands and relevant surfaces around the home and office disinfected and clean.